Can we dine-in, call ahead or take out our order?

Yes to all of the Above!

Do you guys offer catering options?

Yes we do! You may find it online under the “Catering” portion of the menu, or give us a call at 717-718-0178

Can I buy sliced meats and cheeses by the pound?

Absolutely! We will sell any surplus of our product by the pound.

Do you guys make “Cold Cuts”?

We specialize in imported meats and cheeses; offering over 13 different Italian cold cuts, and several domestic options as well.

Fresh or Frozen?

All of our food and ingredients are prepared from scratch in house. Everything from deserts to our dressings are made fresh daily and everything else inbetween.

Are we an “old school” deli like you remember growing up?

We are an evolution of the old world traditions. We blend authentic old school Italian with a modern day twist for a unique flavor and experience.

Do you guys have fried food?

Nothing fried! We offer chips and a large selection of side salads..

What is the Silencer sauce?

It’s a hot sauce made in house, it is made with with the current world’s hottest pepper and always kept up to date with the next hottest!

To list a few of the peppers: Paprika, Habanero, Cayenne, Devil’s Tongue, Mirchi, Ahji, Naga Mirch, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chilli, Bhut Jalokia, Carolina Reaper, & Dragons Breath

What sizes do you guys offer for different menu items?

We offer 8 and 12 inch for our hoagies. We offer 10 inch wraps and single large sizes for our salads and pastas.

Specialty breads are only in the 8 inch/ regular size.

*The “IDK Menu” offers half portions of all our menu items (i.e. 4 inch hoagies and small salads, cups of soup etc.)

Do you guys offer gluten free options?

Currently over 90% of our menu is gluten free! We offer an 8 inch gluten free hoagie option to customers at a flat fee.

What are your store hours?

We are open 11am to 9pm Monday through Saturday and 11am to 5pm on Sunday.

What are your holiday hours?

We are closed New Years, Fourth of July, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Do you offer any options for kids?

We have a variety of “Kids Meals” to suite all of your childrens needs. All come at a low price with chips and juice included.

Can I get my food delivered?

Currently, we offer business lunch deliveries Monday through Friday 11am to 3pm in a one mile radius. We are still working on developing a full time deliver schedule

I’m not going to eat my food for a few more hours, what should I do?

Just let us know while ordering and we can pack your order to keep it fresh and perfect until you’re able to enjoy it!

Can get half for here or half to go?

Yes, you can just let us know or you can just say 50/50 and we will do the rest.

Do you guys have WiFi?

Yes, we do, just let us know you need our secret password of the day!

Do you guys take American Express or other cards?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and AMEX

Can you guys toast that?

Yes, we can!

Can you cut my sandwich in half?

We will always baseline cut all of our hoagies in half!